[:en]Josipa Lisac 14.02.2018. Sava Center

[:en]Josipa Lisac 14.02.2018. Sava Center

Music diva Josipa Lisac will symbolically finish a celebratory tour on the occasion of 50 years of career with a concert on February 14, 2018 in the Belgrade Sava Center! Josipa started the tour last Valentine’s Day in the Sava Center, which was sold out ten days in advance.

“With great pleasure I am returning to Belgrade, because I know that many did not get tickets and attend the first concert, and now there is a new opportunity to see and hear in the Sava Center. I am looking forward to meeting with some new and old friends, let’s share love once again, “says Josip.

Celebrating his 50 years of extraordinary career, Josipa performed, among others, at the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad and at the Arsenal Fest in Kragujevac, recently performed successfully in Toronto, Chicago and New York, and in December, two weeks before the sale of concerts in the hall Lisinski in Zagreb. Then, with a new meeting with the Belgrade audience at the Sava Center on February 14, the round closes and ends with an unforgettable tour.

Tickets for the concert of Josipa Lisac for the Valentine’s Day in the Sava Center cost 1,800, 2,100, 2,400 and 2,800 dinars at the Sava Center cashier and via the Eventim network.

Unique appearance of the music scene – vocal superior, specific interpretations and unconventional styles – Josipa built her characteristic singing and fashion identity with signature. It is recognizable by hits such as “Fog”, “Hir, Hir, Hir”, “Where the Danube Loves Heaven”, “Goddess”, “Today I’m crazy” …

“In those 50 years, it is absolutely the most beautiful musical collaboration and life with Karl Metikos (1940-1991). He made for me the most beautiful songs that live today.” He made an anthological album “Dnevnik jedne ljubavi” (1973) and is the author of the two rock opera ‘Gubec Beg’ (1975) and ‘Grick’s Witch’ (1979). He made all possible hits like ‘Fog’, ‘I’m crazy today’ … These are the most beautiful moments, I am proud of that, “says Josip.


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