[:en]KABK + AUNS 24.03.2018. KCLab

[:en]KABK + AUNS  24.03.2018. KCLab
Dr.Hempta 2, Novi Sad
Novi SadSrbija

Exhibition of photographers from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague / KABK Photography) was created within the Fieldtrip program in Novi Sad.

During the seven days of study stay, in cooperation with the Chair for
photo of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, students of the Royal Academy will present their photographic projects that were created as a result of the research of various phenomena of the city and the environment, which they first meet.

The exhibition is also a reason to draw attention to various non-institutional spaces in the city where art lives, and mapping these places is one of the key conceptual frameworks of the exhibition setting that will happen at 6 locations in the city. Opening of the exhibition will take the form of a walk, beginning at the gallery “Kosovska” (Kosovska 33) on Saturday, 24.3. 2018 at 18h.

Exhibition locations:

Gallery «Kosovska» (Kosovska 33)
LOKAL (Save Vukovića 4)
Šok Zadruga 2 (Zmaj Jovina 22- pasaž)
Crna kuća (Vojvode Bojovića 13)
IZBA (Železnička 4)
Kulturni Centar LAB (Dr. Hempta 2)


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