[:en]KERBER 12.12. 2017. Sava Center

[:en]KERBER 12.12. 2017. Sava Center

Acoustic concert of Kerber again after 20 years!

The legendary Nizhki hard rock ensemble Kerber will hold, with a string orchestra, an acoustic Belgrade concert on December 12th in the Sava Center.

After a full concert in Hali Sports in 2012, hits like War Games, Heaven is a bit for everyone, I better have loved myself, Mama Dad … and others, will be unblocked this time in the most concerted Belgrade concert hall.

The band announced that this will surely be a very special concert, since unplugged means a different emotion. Kerber will perform pre-rendered songs in Sava Center with the help of friends and string orchestra. With violins, xylophone, contrabass and percussion, the audience will be able to hear their favorite songs performed in a slightly different way.

“We performed the first acoustic concert in Niš in 1994, and then the legendary, well-known public, an unplugged concert in Novi Sad in 1996 and after more than 20 years we play such a concert again on the big scene of the Sava Center. It will be a romantic concert with the latest sound system and new equipment that comes to Serbia for the first time. This date is especially interesting to us, because our live album, 12.12.88, was recorded at a concert at the Youth Center in Belgrade, just on December 12th and back in 1988. Something fateful for that date, and I’m looking forward to the audience being able to hear our old hits in new arrangements. There will be a lot of music on the stage with us, even at the end of the concert on the stage there will be about 80 people. This form really lies and we love to enjoy direct contact with the audience, which allows us this way of music. This is a challenge for Kerber and we can barely deal with December 12th. “- Gale declared on the occasion of the upcoming concert.

After the unplugged concerts in Niš, Knjazevac and Alkesinc, held with a lot of positive charge and emotions, which was certainly contributed by the extended composition, the order came to the Belgrade audience. See you at the Sava Center on December 12th!

Kerber has been active on the music scene for more than 30 years. The name of the group is the name of beings from Greek mythology, a three-headed dog with a snake’s tail that keeps the entrance to the underground world. At the gate of the Yugoslav rock scene, the band entered the 1983th festival with a victory at the famous Youth Festival in Subotica, where bands such as Idol, Film and others were affirmed before them. The first group concerts were held in Nis clubs, and it was often pre-group of Gauls. Album debut “Heaven is a little for everything” was recorded in mid-1983. Their concerts at that time were characteristic of Sosi, who played guitar in the shape of a chopper, and on the stage he swallowed and blown the fire. Thirty years later, the band is still full of halls and large concert venues across Serbia.

Ticket price: 1000, 1300, 1500, 1800, 2000 and 2500 din


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