[:en]Lobby Event Center NY 2018

[:en]Lobby Event Center NY 2018
Dunavska 74c, Belgrade

Take a break at the Club restaurant Lobby, an unprecedented interior that represents a real architectural wonder. This newly discovered gem of Belgrade catering, leaves all visitors breathless. The interior of the prey is a perfect combination of wood and brick, which gives the impression of elegance and urban outflow.

It is located just a few minutes from the center, has parking for about 200 vehicles, a kitchen that meets all world standards, professional staff and management, and the latest sound and lighting.

The Lobby Event Center is a place that was host to only the most exclusive corporate celebrations, and this time we decided to make a glamorous, but also everybody’s affordable New Year’s Eve 2018.

Frontman band.

Members of the Frontman band are experienced and professional musicians, who are gathered in this unique band. A high-quality and elegant stage performance, a wide repertoire and many years of experience gained through numerous Belgrade performances guarantee a crazy New Year’s Eve full of hits of fun and folk music. The technical support of the band is the latest sound system and lighting by the Lobby Event Center.

A drink
In the price of tickets, unlimited consumption of the following foreign and domestic drinks is included throughout the night:
– Heineken beer
– Wine Orfelin Kovačević (white, red, rose)
– Brandy quality (apricot, quince, plum, plum)
– Pelinkovac Gorki list
– Vodka
– Gene London dry
– Campari
– Bianco Vermouth
– Vinyk Rubin
– Juices fizzy: Coca Cola, Tonic, Bitter ..
– Uncooked juices: orange, apple, blueberry …
– Mineral aerated and non-carbonated water Knjaz Miloš
– Mix Beverages: vodka vodka, bitter vodka, gin tonik, campari juž
– Cocktails all night free: Tropical Heat, Sex on the beach, Blue lagoon, Gin Red Passion

All foods come out warm freshly prepared from the kitchen of the Lobby Center, under the supervision of the experienced catering service Just cetering which takes care of organizing the whole event.

Cocktail snacks (bar serving service):
Canape with prosciutto and kajmak
– Tortilla with smoked turkey and vegetables
– Wrap a bite with chicken
– Canape with tuna
– Fried tortillas with vegetables and turkey
– Caprese the knife
– Canape with roast and honey
– Toast a cake with two types of stuffing

– Selection of three types of cheese (cheese edamer, gaud and trapist and two types of cream
– Patishpan salty roll with three types of stuffing – spinach, carrot and pepper (cream cheese, sour cream, cucumber, spaghetti)
– Selection of prosciutto, ham and sausage

– Russian salad
– Coleslaw salad
– Mimosa salad

Plate with pitches:
– Cheese pie
– Meat pie
– Pie with mushrooms

Main course:
– Bakery potatoes with bacon and cheese
– Barbecue grilles and neck
– Boots and homemade sausages with grills
– Chicken fillet in cream sauce sauce

The price
From 35 € bar tables with chairs (unlimited drink and food – cocktail snacks)
From 45 € Seating (unlimited drink and complete rich dinner)
Price depends on the position on the map.

Lobby Event Centar - Doček Nove godine Beograd 2018

* za veću mapu, kliknite na fotografiju

Lobby Event Centar - Doček Nove godine Beograd 2018


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