[:en]LORD OF THE DANCE 10.04.2018.Sava Center

[:en]LORD OF THE DANCE 10.04.2018.Sava Center

Ticket price: 2200, 2500, 3300 and 3500 dinars

In April, the local audience will enjoy the unique “Lord of the Dance” dance spectacle, which since 1998 and performances at the famous Vembla Arena hold the world record of 21 consecutive sold out performances. After winning theaters around the world, like West End and Broadway, and breaking records in the number of sold tickets, “Lord Of The Dance” returns to the Sava Center, this time with a show that has not been seen before in our country.

The multi-talented members of this artistic troupe will exhibit a fantastic mix of music and dance, traditional and contemporary. Lighting, special effects and the world’s finest acrobats in a perfectly integrated whole will create a spectacle for everyone’s eyes, which the audience will remember for a long time. Lasers, pyrotechnics, special fog machines, confetti guns and many other special effects that are the last word of technology and which no one has ever had the opportunity to use, along with a large LED video wall, are an integral part of this spectacle.

The famous versatile artist, Michael Fletley, will lead the arts hub “Lord Of The Dance”. For the past two decades he has designed, produced and performed in several highly successful performances, including his latest show “Lord of the Dance”.


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