[:en]Lost & Found Festival 20 – 22.07.2018. Brestovačka banja

[:en]Lost & Found Festival 20 – 22.07.2018. Brestovačka banja
Brestovačka banja, Bor
20.Jul.2018 - 22.Jul.2018

After the successful realization of the first and second festivals, Wave continues its work and prepares the third edition of the “Lost & Found” festival, which will be held at the abandoned swimming pools in Brestovacka Banja, near Bor. The festival will host numerous musicians and artists from the country and the region, so visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy authentic music program, exhibitions, mural / graffiti culture and fire performance, which is an integral part of this event. As in the first and second editions, visitors can expect all security measures and festival standards, such as sales food and drinks, emergency ambulance, fire brigade, toilets, technical water, etc. You can buy tickets for the festival at a price of RSD 600 for all days of the festival in all WinWin stores in Serbia or at the link: bit.ly/KUPIKARTU


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