[:en]Mother Country Catering 16.04.2018, KC Grad

[:en]Mother Country Catering 16.04.2018, KC Grad
Braće Krsmanović 4, Beograd

Can healthy food be fun but also very tasty?
This delicate Monday is the moment to check it yourself.

Spring is the time of detox, and this Monday is a great opportunity to meet tasty, raw and healthy foods. Food that is not thermally processed is a living food that awakens and starts the body, but what is most important to us is that it is also a delicious sensory enjoyment.

On the menu you will be able to try:

* SPIKE OF TIKVICA, with basil sauce and mixed vegetables will satisfy all your senses and give each your cell energy
* RAW PLASTIC WITH SALAD. Pimples are made from pre-soaked seeds that are activated in this way and become healthier. Natural spices return us to original taste and nature itself. Fresh salad with a delicious dressing will excite your palate and energize your body.
* Raw cottage buns are candies made without chewing sugar, gluten, color … Enjoy the treats without feeling guilty.

About MamaZemlja Catering:

Mother Earth comes from Nature. Her kitchen maintains beauty, sweetness, healing and food quality. Natural and healthy food awakens the whole body, in contact with it we feel good and energetic. In our kitchen, we create balanced recipes of fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, bone fruits and seeds, we combine love through famous traditional dishes and health through nature. Every foodstuff remains in its natural, unchanged and raw form.
Our proposal is to devote this delicious Monday to yourself and your body in a healthy way. Being natural is being your own.
Food is energy, it’s important to prepare, it’s important to eat.
Welcome to have fun!


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