[:en]Mountaineering-New Year's Weekend Surprise 23 – 24.12.2017. Mountaineering club Železničar

[:en]Mountaineering-New Year's Weekend Surprise 23 – 24.12.2017.  Mountaineering club Železničar
Tvrđava bb, Niš
23.Dec.2017 - 24.Dec.2017


I do not know who planned the New Year’s Eve, but I know how we planned for the Old City.

We have climbing, we have a party, we have Santa Claus and Grandma’s Claus
(and little chicks), we have a lottery, we have music, we also have drinks, fun, cheerful society …..  ” Railways ” we have ALL !!
So: on Saturday. On December 23 we sit in the bus and we go … now …
When we get to somewhere and we settle down comfortably, we are loading the equipment and (as we are mountaineers), we immediately go to sleep (a little, it’s not really the right word, but ‘let’s go’), we climb, we make Sneška and of course –
Upon returning to the Home, we put on our ties, red caps with shiny stars and sweaters with irks and we actively participate in dinner, games, songs and general joy. Immediately to be understood: there is no Jeca on the repertoire, there is no Ceca (and even Cecina’s children) – only for security reasons – not to be wild boars were parachutists at the party: – D ..
When the last legs are sleeping, he must wash the dormitories and cover those who are already crippling.
The next morning, on Sunday, we meet the wishes – who wants to climb again – has to climb, who will not – can sleep and clean the party from the party (so now you see what is better :-D).
We go back home in the afternoon.

Hey, yes … we did not say where we were going.
Well, that’s like a surprise …
But, in the confidence, if you solve the rebus – then you are not only smart, but you know where we are going and we have not told you anything.
The price of transportation, accommodation, dinner is 1850.00 dinars.
Applications start now and last until the end of November (or shorter if all available places are filled). You can apply for regular meetings of the Club (Wednesday at 7 pm in the rooms of the old Sofka) or by Lidija Mišić (063 572270), Nina Stanković (063/354229) or Dikice Canić (064/2368712)
Participation in this action is at your own risk, in accordance with the PSS Safety and Responsibility Rulebook. After payment, money is not returned unless an appropriate replacement is found. The Guides reserve the right to change the program, the timing of the delay or cancellation of events in case of unforeseen circumstances, about which the participants will be informed in a timely manner.


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