[:en]Mr. Hugo 26.01.2018.The End

[:en]Mr. Hugo 26.01.2018.The End
Hotel PARK, Novi Sad
Novi SadSrbija

The end club – 23: 00-06: 30h
entrance to the night 200, after 300 din
————————————————– ——
Mr. Hugo has been engaged in DJing since 1983, the first major performance of “The Weather Girls” in Oslo, the emergence of electronic music, was a resident of several underground clubs and was a guest at a number of underground clubs in Europe and America. He was the only “white” DJ that worked with “Zulu Nation New York” by Afrika Bambaataa and CeCe Rogers at that time. Radio I also launched a “streetparade” in several European cities, and in 1999 the largest of all – Berlin Loveparade. Over the past five years he has been working on the Greek islands in the main on Rhodes with the most famous Greek underground DJs as a resident of several beach bars and as a resident of the “Lindos Summer Paradise” event that traditionally gathers over 5000 fans. During the winter period he was a resident and co-owner of a Belgrade club after this season.


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