[:en]Muzikon Bioskop 16.02.2018. Polet, Kolarac

[:en]Muzikon Bioskop 16.02.2018. Polet, Kolarac
Cetinjska 15, Beograd

The Muzikon Chamber Orchestra organizes a free short film festival “Muzikon Cinema” within the concert season of Hypercube – which will be held in the gallery Polet and in the hall of the endowment of Ilija M. Kolarac for two days. The visitors will have the opportunity to see the films “Mo ‘better blues” (16.02./17h / Gallery Polet), “Round Midnight” (16.02 ./19h / Gallery Polet) and the documentary about Leonardo Bernstein “Larger than life” (17.02 ./18: 30h / hall Kolarac). In addition to film projections, a multimedia interactive installation will be presented in the Kolarac Hall on Saturday – Ground piano – a game dedicated to music lovers who through the game can learn the most famous melodies of classical music.
“Muzikon bioskop” will be held before each concert within the Hypercube season, showing the audience films that are thematically related to the concert program. This is one of the guerrilla actions of Muzikon Orchestra, organized to promote classical music, as well as concert dedicated to jazz creativity, which will be held on February 22 at Kolarac.


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