[:en]Nervor 16.02.2018. KC Lab

[:en]Nervor 16.02.2018. KC Lab
Dr.Hempta 2, Novi Sad
Novi SadSrbija

SsmKOSK (Ljubljana)
Since 2012, SsmKOSK has been researching techniques for cutting and gluing various sound materials and related sound phenomena. In addition, the term “sound material” is broadly conceived and can include, for example, programmed drum, field recordings, stolen samples, classical instruments, and devices with modified electric cars, synthetic sounds and speech. Although these compositions are positioned in the field of music, the composition method is primarily found in the field of research of the characteristics of sound. In live performances, the focus is on playback manipulations, for example through the processing of whole compositions, playing with multiple different and / or modified devices, and the like.


Genesis Kinez (Belgrade)
The performance “Sunflower Knit Toys”, performed live by Genesis Kinesis, brings to the audience a decontextualized, digitally processed, audio-visual collage whose deconstructed elements lose their original forms and meanings, begin independently to act as pure perceptual stimulus and emphasize the interaction between sound and image .

Segregator X (Novi Sad)
(breakcore / mashup)
Demon noise and pain, first-time Banat Breakcore. The mixer segregates everything in the mixer to fit, even if the mixer is jammed. Then he pushes his fingers inside and scratches them. His choice is a blend of gravel and a cheap grinder from the waste that throws sparks while cutting concrete. Only for the most energetic gourmet!

Selecta Seeker
(digital hardcore / punk / rap / noise)
Somebody has to bite the team until the main program starts!

video support: tasha_hax

entrance free / donations are desirable


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