[:en]New Year 2018 at Stari Konak restaurant

[:en]New Year 2018 at Stari Konak restaurant
Bulevar JNA 43, Belgrade

Old Konak in a completely new edition at the old address of Bulevar JNA 43 invites you to experience the atmosphere created by Dragana Petrovic Maza and Nikola Savic.
You must remember their performance in the Grand Prix competition that you can experience if you decide to come with us in 2018.

In the New Year’s Eve, the atmosphere we have prepared for you will be a spectacle to remember. For parents with young children who want to take that evening, we have provided a playroom within the facility where they will enjoy …
Dragana Petrović Maza and Nikola Savić
Marko & Marko

A drink
Unlimited consumption of the following local and foreign drinks:
– Beine Heineken, Zajecar, Leo
– Wine Orfelin Kovačević (white, red, rose)
– Brandy domestic (apricot, quince, viljamovka, plum)
– Pelinkovac
– Vodka
– Gin
– Bianco Vermouth
– Vinyk Rubin
– Juices fizzy: Coca Cola, Tonic, Bitter ..
– Uncooked juices: orange, apple, blueberry …
– Mineral aerated and non-carbonated water Knjaz Miloš
– Mix Drink: juice of vodka, bitter vodka, gin tonic
– Espresso, nonsense and homemade coffee.

Appetizer – Serbian plate
– Pork and beef prosciutto, kulen, tea sausage, two types of pie, two types of rolls, salty cake, homemade cheese.
(we serve each particular plate)

Main course
– Five types of grill (kebab, burger, homemade dried sausage, chicken fillet in pork, pork kebabs)
– Potatoes under the bite
– Garden salad
– Pastry – homemade bread

Small cakes – mrsni i posni

The price
Bar table: from 35 €
Banquet seating: from 40 €


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