[:en]Number house 11.03.2018.Magacin

[:en]Number house 11.03.2018.Magacin
Kraljevića Marka 4-8, Beograd

Educational performance for children from 2 to 7 years

The “Number House” play allows easy learning of the first ten numbers through the game and the song. Neglecting an eclectic approach to the theater, it combines acting, puppet theater, animation of objects, juggling and movement. The basic idea of ​​the “Number House” is to take special care of the needs and sensibilities of the youngest audience, who make the first meetings with the theater, and that content and form meet expectations and catch their attention. This performance is not based on narrative, but on learning through the rhythm. The rhythm of music, the rhythm of the movement, the rhythm of the juggling patterns make it easier for children to adopt the first ten numbers more easily and creatively.
Through the song and play are the two friends of Petruška and Petra. And in the “Number House” there are two unusual characters (dolls type mapet) of Brojko and Azbuka. Countess and Azbuka reveal various countless toys to which Petra and Petruška are inhaling life. There are a zigzagged dragon, two magical wings, three magic juggling sticks, four ball-planets, five hounded bunnies, six juggling rings, seven golden stars, eight foot spiders, nine shiny fishes, and the top ten baby teeth.

Access to donations
Duration: 30 minutes
Performed by Ivan Coraksic and Marina Đurić
Author: Ivana Koraksic


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