[:en]OK Fest 06 – 09.07.2018.2018 Tjentište

[:en]OK Fest 06 – 09.07.2018.2018 Tjentište
Tjentište, Foča
06.Jul.2018 - 09.Jul.2018
FočaRepublika Srpska

Nektar OK Fest continues its mission of best fun, socializing, spending and adrenaline experience in one of the most beautiful national parks in this part of Europe this year. NP Sutjeska 06/07/08 July will be the epicenter of smiles, positive thoughts and energy of visitors from the whole region, who will be part of the OK adventure with top performers and numerous other content this summer.

There are a few places in the world where in one place you will find the highest mountain peak in the country, a unique rainforest in Europe, not far from the deepest European canyon and many other beauty and values. But miracles are possible, just in NP Sutjeska. That’s why we are here to show you through a three-day OK adventure at least part of this phenomenal space that will not leave you indifferent.

We are waiting for you at Tjentiste


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