[:en]Pull me out 25.03.2018. KCLab

[:en]Pull me out 25.03.2018. KCLab
Dr.Hempta 2, Novi Sad
Novi SadSrbija

We invite you to the warm space of the Cultural Center LAB, to perform and share the work with your audience, colleagues and friends. Our desire is to move the established standards of listening to classical music, the concept “Pull me out” of the concert offers an opportunity for both professionals and amateurs to present their work and love for classical music, and while we look forward to looking forward to the next Piano City festival that is shrinking in its preparatory phase , there’s a chance to get together and enjoy the music we love.

And that’s why:
We invite fans of classical music and musicians to play, inform and hear each other in an informal “salon” atmosphere and share with the audience for some interest in the work that will be performed. You can find out more about the concept on our facebook page Pull me.
————————————————– —————————————-
If you want to participate in this non-standard concert of classical music, you will send applications to masababic@hotmail.com by Sunday, February 18th.

The application should contain – full name of composer and composer, artist’s biography (* if you have not already participated in our concerts), photo (* if you have not already participated in our concerts).

I’ll see you on Sunday, March 25 at 18:00


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