[:en]Rambo Amadeus & Five Winnetous I 18.01.2018 Vintage Industrial

[:en]Rambo Amadeus & Five Winnetous I 18.01.2018 Vintage Industrial
Savska cesta 160, Zagreb

THURSDAY 18.1.2018. I Rambo Amadeus & Five Winnetous @Vintage Industrial Bar And Doors 20:00 h And Concert 21:30 h And Maps 75/90 kn I Pre-sale: VIB & Dirty Old Shop

Unique Rambo Amadeus returns to Vintage Industrial on Thursday, January 18, New to 2018. Rambo in Savska 160 arrives with a band to work with for the selected part of his 30-year opus.

Rambo Amadeus is a Montenegrin musician and songwriter who lives and works in Belgrade and started his career in 1979 in the jazz punk band “Radioactive Waste”. In 1984, he played “Egzodus” in Sarajevo’s Bristol Hotel at the opening of the Olympic Games.

Rambo was also engaged in sailing, so was the youth champion of Yugoslavia and eight times the champion of Montenegro. Between 1972 and 1984 he represented the former Yugoslavia in many international regattas where he was successful.

After sailing, he went to rock water, where he appeared in 1988 with the album “O Tugo Jesu”. It was his first album where he mixed several sounds, so he could notice funk and rap.

With the album “We Want To Grow” in 1989, he started dealing with current events in the country. With the theme “America and England” dedicated to political events. He became popular thanks to the satirical songs in which he mocked the habits of politicians and ordinary people.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ramboamadeus/

1988 About the Thunder of Autumn
1989. We want gusle
1991 Psychological propaganda kit M-91
1995. Music for children
1996. Microorganisms
1997. Titanik
1998. Metropolis B (tour-de-force)
2000. Do not happy, be worry (Released as Cobane returns in Slovenia and Croatia)
2005. Equipment Good
2008. Hyproscopic Metaphysical
2015. Top Dna

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