[:en]Ravno Selo film festival 23 – 25.06.2018

[:en]Ravno Selo film festival 23 – 25.06.2018
Ravno Selo, Vrbas
23.Jun.2018 - 25.Jun.2018

The second edition of the Ravno Selo film festival will be held in the period from the 23rd to the 25th of June 2018. during the 3 festival days, at three locations in Ravno Selo, Vojvodina. This year’s festival will, like the previous one, be a debut film festival, youth film and film music festival, dedicated primarily to young people from this area. Similar to the last festival, this year’s festival will continue to encourage young people to learn, study and create new artwork in the field of cinematography. The new program, film workshops, will enable young people from all over Serbia to shoot their short films during the festival, which will thematically complete inside the program itself and be premiered on the night of the Closing ceremony.

The Debut Feature film program will be performed in the evening hours under the stars, behind the Cultural Center Ravno Selo, and will feature 5 debut films, 3 from the countries of the region and 2 films of the guest country – Russia. These films will be debuts, the first or the seconds film of the directors, which will be able to compete for cash prize of 1000€: Golden Corn for the Best film – by the audience choice and the Golden Corn for the Best Director and the cash award in the amount of 1500€, by the choice of the professional jury of our distinguished artists, film music composers, directors and actors.

The short, youth film program will be held at the primary school “Branko Radičević” in Ravno Selo during the 4 festival days and will show short student films. The host of this program is the Faculty of Dramatic Arts from Belgrade, and this year’s guests will be the representatives of the project entitled Looking China. During the festival, this program will feature student films shot by the Serbian students from Serbia or from China, after which they will personally present their experiences and motives for dealing with the seventh art in hope to inspire a new generation. The best film according to the jury of the public will be awarded with a Gold Corn for a young author. In the same programe we will present 12 short high school films from the Filmić, highschool film festival from Novi Sad.

The Film Workshop program will be created on the foundations that were set up last year with the beginning of the Ravno Selo Film Festival, together with high school students, and university students who had the opportunity to get acquainted with film and the guests who brought them closer to their own film experience. With the help of a mentor, 15 young people will film 3 short films on selected topics during the festival and premiere them during the Closing Ceremony on the last evening of the festival. The best of them will be rewarded with the journey to one of the film festivals in the region.

,,One of the festival goals is to create a closer union and approach between film and filmmakers and the young people. In addition to this, the goal is to educate and motivate the youth to engage themselves in cinematography which will enrich their experience as spectators and increase their artistic growth’’, which was stated in Zillion film, Lazar Ristovski ’s production company which is also the organizer of the festival.

The idea of the new festival was supported by the Secretariat for Culture of Vojvodina, Local community of Ravno selo, Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.
Ravno selo is a village in the municipality of Vrbas, in the South Backa district, with a population of about 3500 people, including many young persons.



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