[:en]Repetitor/Straight Mickey/Kojot 31.12.2017. Dorcol Platz

[:en]Repetitor/Straight Mickey/Kojot 31.12.2017. Dorcol Platz
Dobračina 59b, Beograd

Dorcol Platz / Sunday, December 31 / from 22h
Repetitor / STRAIGHT MICKEY AND THE BOYZ / Kojot (Eyesburn,Hornsman CoyoteRemedySUNSHINEDel Arno Band…) DJ set / Nebojsa intruder DJ set
The tickets are on sale at a price of 1500 din. and the last 200 tickets will cost 2000 dinars. Get them on time because the number of tickets is strictly limited!
Ticket Sales @ Eventim Serbia & DD Tickets & WinWin Shop

Wait a little different New Year with the Repetitor, STRAIGHT MICKEY AND THE BOYZ, Hornsman Coyotei Nebojša Intruder in a DJ set that will gather audiences in Dorćol Placa that you can not meet in town squares.

For the third year in a row, the team behind the Exklusive BeoGRAD party project offers certain audiences to the audience in the New Year’s Eve, or the possibility of choosing when 99% of events in the city offer electronic or folk music. The first such event was organized to celebrate the New Year 2016, and on that occasion, due to its huge interest, sold out a few days before the event. Last year, over 2,000 people gathered at the event, celebrating the entrance in 2017 with rock and giggles of famous city jockeys.
This year, with the intention of refreshing the concept of space, we move to Dorcol Platz, and with the contractors we enter in 2018 we remain on an alternative concept like the previous years, except that this year we decided to be a sharper shade.


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