[:en]Restaurant Stadion Elite Nova godina 2018

[:en]Restaurant Stadion Elite Nova godina 2018
Zaplanjska 32, Beograd

Elite Stadium – both service and ambience. We wish that when you celebrate, it will be in solemn, with a taste and style decorated ambience.

In order for your New Year’s celebration to be complete, apart from a pleasant atmosphere, we prepare only the best snacks for our guests, and we can boast that we have the offer of food and drinks which is one of the most important and best in Belgrade.
We have professional lighting and sound systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems and we have a complete inventory for a capacity of about 450 guests. Our multi-checked and friendly staff will do everything to make you feel comfortable.

Before we give a detailed description of our New Year’s offer, we will highlight our excellent location and large covered parking within the well-known TC Stadion. On December 31, the mall will only work until 18h to avoid possible crowds.

Tina Zvezdanovic and Vukasin Vukovic
A versatile repertoire for everyone’s taste and superb atmosphere.

A drink
Strong drinks
– Brandy (plum, quince, apricot, silkworm)
– Vinjak
– Vodka
– Gin
– Bitter leaf
– Vermouth

– Knjaz Miloš 1l
– Aqua Viva 1l

– Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Bitter lemon, Tonic water 0, 25
– Next (oranges, apples, forest fruits, peach)

Energy drinks
– Red Bull (surcharge)

Beer 0,33
– Deer
– Tuborg (surcharge)
– Beck`s (surcharge)

Wines 0,7
– White Orfelin Kovačević
– Red Orfelin Kovačević
– Rose Orfelin Kovačević

Sparkling wines 0.7
– Brutus

– Espresso
– Espresso with milk
– Nescafe
– Homemade coffee

Selection of dried meat products
– Njeguska prosciutto from Cetinje
– She’s talking prosciutto
– Užička pork roast
– Pork smoked neck
– Slavonian kulen

Selection of cheese
– Cheese
– Smoked cheese
– Gorgonzola, brie, camember
– Feta cheese
– Kajmak

– Roll three colours (ham, spinach, ajvar)
– Beef salad
– Greek salad
– Pasta salad with tuna
– Tomato salad
– Cucumber salad
– Caprese
– Caesar salad
– Tortilla with vegetables and chicken
– Colorful salad madlenianum
– Russian salad

Warm meals
– Nuts with a gorgonzola sauce
– Kanelone with ground meat
– Mini chicken karađorđeve
– Fried fishnet
– Tartar sauce, sweet and chili sauce, Mediterranean sauce
– Mixed meat (pork kebabs, white meat, drumstick, bacon, cheese and sausage)
– Knight chicken
– Aromatic potatoes (fresh rosemary, thyme, garlic, bakery potatoes) ** choice **
– Grilled vegetables
– Selection of pastry (white kayens, Bavarian, integral, corn and white ketchup, projections, salted sticks)

The price
– Seats from 35 € to 55 € depending on the position

Restoran Stadion Elite - Doček Nove godine Beograd 2018

Dodatne pogodnosti:
– Besplatan parking pod video nadzorom
– Redar na parkingu


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