[:en]Šajeta – 27.01.2018 Sax

[:en]Šajeta – 27.01.2018 Sax
Palmotićeva 22/2, Zagreb

Shajeta in the house! After a little over four years, he will again make a vanserian festival in Sax. Guarantee. If you were wondering which day to record in 2018, this is Saturday, January 27th.

The Shadow is a group founded in 1993 in Opatija and one of the most distinguished representatives of the legendary ča-vala. The charismatic frontman Dražen Turina founded the composition ‘Yars’ in the early 90’s, in which he started composing chess pieces very quickly. They called ‘Saguaro & Capra d’oro’ but soon changed their name to Santana, which in chakavian means ‘thunder’. So far they have released six albums: Congratulations and Applause (1994), Blues Aspherical Asparagus (1996), Divine Divorce and Divine Work (Double Edition, 1997), Istradamus vulgaris (2000), Aquatic Age (2003) and Kope and spades (2007). When you hear megahitas like “Team Party”, “Blue Shirt”, “Evergrin”, “My Step” and “Flying Barbara” you simply can not remain indifferent. The waves are synonymous with a rundown and a quality lazy day after.

The ticket price is 45/60 kn and can be purchased during Saxa’s working hours. All in all, more than enough reason to be able to “hear your steps” on Saturday, January 27 in Sax. See you!


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