[:en]Salsadrom – Hindu Night 05.05.2018. Dorćol Platz

[:en]Salsadrom – Hindu Night 05.05.2018. Dorćol Platz
Dobračina 59b, Beograd

It’s time to get to India.
Whether you love Indian music, series, Yoga or general culture, become salsa Indians and burn the dance floor of Dorćol Platz

Important NOTE (RECOMMENDATION) – Everyone is unaccounted for NOT to take your drinks at the party.

Ritmos GZN + Dorcol Platz = Dorcolski SALSADROM!

What party?
– For everyone’s sense of dance taste (Salsa, Bachata, Son, Rumba, Choreography).
– We’ll play! You’re going to play!
– A big podium that is both created and played for the game.
– DJ Monte Son and Dj Muki – Sólo la mejor música Cubana – the colorful and all Caribbean genres
– For refreshments and cheerful beverages you do not need to sell the property :).
– It’s not until the stars invite you to sleep …

Rhythm’s Performance Group has been making an unbridled atmosphere for salsa for years.

Simply – Come and feel!

Saturday, 5.05. from 21: 30h.
Dobracina 59b
Entrance – 150 din

Life is one. Let’s get him out!


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