[:en]Small night music 22 – 26.11.2017. Brewery

[:en]Small night music 22 – 26.11.2017. Brewery
Cetinjska 15, Beograd
22.Nov.2017 - 26.Nov.2017

Small night music 22 – 11/26/2017. Brewery

You’ve already become accustomed to having gigs every night for you, where young and talented and already highly affirmed bands play and play you, and in the middle of something that we found to be very interesting, that is, our friends and friends, the Rock fans n Roll, choose music for you.

For a week that lasts a lot, we have thrown the program in the following way:

Wednesday – Nemanja Radicevic in the role of DJ // RnR
Thursday – Andrijana Zimonjić // Pop
Friday – Bend Che // Pop / Rock
Saturday – Bambolerosi // Pop / Rock
Sunday – Dusan Rankovic // Ex Yu Pop / Rock

Every day we have pampered ourselves to be consistent with the day that is in the game (if you do not know what we have said, come to check), and besides the music and variety of beer we have for you, a few weeks ago Pizzagram pizza, as an ideal snack with all that beer

If you are arriving, please contact us at DM or at 062PIVARA (062748272) you have reserved it because it knows everything to be full.
And if you hesitates to order another beer, do not;;)


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