[:en]St. Patrick Weekend 16 – 18.03.2018.LAKAT

[:en]St. Patrick Weekend 16 – 18.03.2018.LAKAT
Njegoseva 53, Zemun
16.Mar.2018 - 18.Mar.2018

What is common to the Serbs and the Irish are celebrating!
The largest Irish international holiday is just St. Louis. Patrick, who celebrates people of all nations and nationalities all over the world.
The day when every one of us is a little Irish.

Since, according to the old Serbian custom, everything is celebrated in 3 days, so we decided to celebrate this celebration for 3 days, that is, for the whole weekend.

As it would not all be reduced to a mere competition in discharged barrels, our good friends from Irish Dance School Belgrade (these come to them as a glorious glory, fir), and they are totally good will to green this year’s Svetopatrikovska celebration.

On Friday, you will have the opportunity to learn the basic steps of Irish dance in the pub. and knowing them, you will probably learn how to dance, why the Irish so respect the Holy Patrick, to which all the people are celebrating this holiday, and much more.

On Saturday, sniffing! What you learned on Friday you will be able to see how they are doing it, and maybe to make yourself feel yourself and show your team what you have learned.

After two days of jogging, on Sunday you will be able to rest with Lakat Family Day when we look at some of the movies that will bring us closer to Irish culture.

All this weekend will be accompanied by good beers, a good bench and, of course, always looking forward to the staff.

More details soon !!!


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