[:en]Story from Gricha 30.11 – 09.12.2017. Advent

[:en]Story from Gricha 30.11 – 09.12.2017. Advent
Vranicanijevoj poljani, Zagreb
30.Nov.2017 - 09.Dec.2017

Past Advent Gornji grad became richer for a magical place of imagination!
On the beautiful historic Vranicani polje, located between the Lotrščak tower and the DHMZ building, there is a marvelous forest that Zagrepčane and their guests delighted in the premier year, the name of the Story from Gricha.

The story, with its imaginative decorations, jazzy rhythms, fairytale guest performances and an impressive gastronomic offer, has attracted a large number of large and small visitors, in December 2017 a new chapter is expected.

A chapter in which the reality and imagination, dream and java, the winter of winter and the warmth of the holiday will be reinterpreted …

This year you will find more stories about the stairs connecting Stross and Vranicani’s poles, but also longer, because of the heated terraces, which will make the gatherings on Grić even more enjoyable. The location, along with an indefinite moon, is a kind of statue of this Adventist site, to be enriched with the illustrations of the characters in the Stribor’s Forest book in real-life.

As an introduction, we bring you the first week of Griča stories in the evening (from 20 hrs) with the note that light warm-up for the official start starts from 30th November:

3.12. Sunday – OPENING Matija Dedić and Tamara Obrovac
4.12. Monday – Joe Pandur Organic3 (Regis Kattie / hammond Mihail Parušev / drums, Joe Pandur / guitar) … drummer from Leb and Sol
5.12. Tuesday – Jedis Of Retro with Janom Fabijanić
6:12. Wednesday – DJ Zak
7.12. Thursday – DJ Ivona Kovačević
8:12. Friday – Kristijan Beluhan Ajngemahtec Trio – (Mario Igrec / guitar, Mladen Baraković / double bass, Kiki Beluhan / vocals)
9:12. Saturday – DJ Alen S.

Be part of the Story! Places for the most enchanting holiday season.


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