[:en]Sufi's Life @Psychedelic Chilldown3, 01.04.2018.KC Lab

[:en]Sufi's Life @Psychedelic Chilldown3, 01.04.2018.KC Lab
Dr.Hempta 2, Novi Sad
Novi SadSrbija

Jungle proudly informs you that this time to the weekly Chilldown comes a special guest! : D

Sufi’s Life (Altar Records) is the project of one of the most famous domestic authors of ambient and trance music, and whose project Rezonant Sangoma Rec you had the opportunity to hear at our New Year’s gathering in Channel 9 for everyone who first encounters this term.

On April 1, this man will send you to the 25th dimension in a few seconds, because his stripes, which are adorned by many sets throughout the Planet, are definitely not from this Council.

Another treat for your ears and ghost is certainly Acoustic Tree, the project behind which is Nenad Kecman, and consists of a lion of performance, followed by a violin. Who was on the previous Chilldown, he had a small preview of this great performance.

The whole program starts at 3 pm, with a vibration treatment, for which we ask you to login to the inbox Jungle Island site, because the number of places for this part of the program is limited. The first 15 people who are inbox can attend the treatment. (more info soon)> Aumkar Center

After you give yourself the magic of Tibetan bowls, the music program will start with one ULTIMATE tribute set, which will be in charge of • Mita • (Zen.IT Galaxy Records), where you will enjoy the sunset on the third floor of KC Laba.

From 19h, we are transferring the event to the ground floor, where, with some fine shamanic vibrations, Cosmic Lazanya will lead you to the beginning of the Sufis Life performances.


As far as creative workshops are concerned, as before, you can try out some of the offers offered or participate in making decor with us for upcoming events.

– Dreamcatchers
– Mandala coloring
– Deco design
– Spray Paint
+ More to come

By participating in workshops, you get the opportunity to win tickets for major events that we make throughout the year.

We will provide all the necessary material, but we advise you to bring everything you think would help you to make the best of it.

* Ananda is not able to join us this time, but we will also try a cool bench to organize: D

Come join us in Jungle! ♥


***** The incidence of the event is 150 RSD, to cover the costs of the organization, and the drink is still at very friendly prices. 🙂


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