[:en]Talenat is in our nature 12.12.2017. Hotel Tami

[:en]Talenat is in our nature 12.12.2017. Hotel Tami
Durmitorska ulica prilaz 1, Niš

We invite you to the final conference of the project “Empowering women of South Serbia through the formation of club of old crafts”, organized by the Association of Business Women of Serbia 12.12.2017. at the Hotel Tami Residence in Nis (Durmitorska street, approach 1), starting at 11.30 am.
The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition of women’s handicrafts titled “Talenat is in our nature“.
Participants of the project had the opportunity, after the training they went through, to continue with the help of consultants and mentors to develop their innovative ideas and create products that will be presented at the exhibition.

In addition to the goal that we want to contribute to the improvement of economic development and to affect the problem of unemployment of young women in underdeveloped municipalities, the main goal of the project is to create new opportunities (self) employment and reduce migration from rural areas by empowering women in entrepreneurship.
Work activities planned within the project should foster the preservation of cultural traditions, increase the quality of production and the possibility of participating in the domestic market. The project was co-financed by the Development Agency of Serbia.

The products of the participants will be sold through the e-catalog of the UPŽ Serbia immediately after the exhibition.

Confirmation of the arrival at the conference and exhibition is obligatory on the email marketing@poslovnezene.org.rs
The entrance is free.


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