[:en]The Black Heart Procession 23.05.2018. Elektropionir

[:en]The Black Heart Procession 23.05.2018. Elektropionir
Cetinjska 15, Beograd

• The Black Heart Procession • The Red Step • Pall Jenkins sings Paulo Zappoli •
• Wednesday May 23, 2018 • Electric Power Station • 20.00h •

A year ago, the Black Heart Procession embarked on a big European and American tour from Belgrade’s REX, and at that time the audience was introduced for the first time in a group setting featuring the founders of Paul and Toby, the new members Boris and the Government. Now the BHP has decided to reward its faithful audience with a special event, announcing the concert program “Evening with The Black Heart Procession” featuring Pall Jenkins sings Paulo Zappoli, The Red Step i Black Heart Procession.

The Elektropionir Door opens at 20h, the program starts at 20.30, ends at 23.00. Pre-sale of tickets at a price of 800 RSD in Zaokret begins on Monday, April 30 at 6 pm!

When Pall Jenkins sings like Paulo Zappoli, this means that darkness becomes more intense, and that his cracked tenor and intense play fill every part of the space around you.

The Red Step just recorded their debut album, and Tobi, Vlad and Boris are looking for their music for light, hope and love.

The Black Heart Procession is the cornerstone of the American indie music scene and the ambassadors of the Touch & Go publishing house. Over the years, BHP changed just like their music, expanding and decreasing as needed, but always the heart of everything remained chemistry between Pol Jenkins and Tobias Nathaniel. That chemistry has created music that defies time and genres, but also that is deeply emotional, exciting and inspiring.


The concert night is organized by Pop Depression and Umbrella, and this unique opportunity to see (almost) all faces The Black Heart Procession is happening now and probably never again


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