[:en]The Magic of May, Beograd, 27.05.2017

[:en]The Magic of May, Beograd, 27.05.2017
FABRIKA Bulevar Despota Stefana 115, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

The Magic of May – Fabrika’s kids’ festival
Saturday, 27th of May 2017, 4 – 9 PM

As always, Fabrika has a super great program for kids:
– lots of interesting and creative WORKSHOPS, for big and small 🙂
1. Our wonderful and regular partner, International Primary School Belgradewill have 3 great workshops: the always popular play-dough workshop for the youngest ones, a spring arts and crafts workshop, and a very special reading and imagination workshop!
2. The kids’ magazine Hajmo drugari will have a super drawing workshop and an exhibition of the kids’ work with illustrator Biljana Mihajlovic
3. Confetti sljubavlju will teach our little ones how to make real pinatas!
4. Mali Kuvari will show us how to prepare healthy food
5. zanima.rs will bring their super popular sand-drawing tables and show the kiddies how to make wonderful and imaginative creations
6. Bb kolacici will help us make and decorate cookies, in all shapes and colors!
7. The NTC learning system will entertain the kids with various games that are specifically designed to develop their intelligence and various skills.

5 PM Ballet studio Leonessa Balet – ballet performance and workshop
5:30 PM KUD Zora – folklore performance and workshop
6 PM Magicians Pixi & Zeka (the Bunny)
7 PM Surprise rock concert with the Lilihip Lilihop band!
8 PM Disco party, with DJs Max and Julia – they’re small but have great taste in music and dancing!

The GENERAL SPONSOR of this lovely kids’ festival is Saint John’s Vodawater for babies, kids and active and healthy mommies and daddies, so all visitors, big and small, will receive as a gift this fantastic new product!
More information about the health benefits of Saint John’s water: http://www.saint-johns.com/baby.html

1. In cooperation with Saint John’s water and the humanitarian action that this great company supports, Magnet za Ljubav – Magnet for Love will have a stand where visitors will be able to give their contributions to support essential equipment for premature babies in the Novi Sad hospital. More information: http://magnetzaljubav.rs/
2. Healthy and wonderful Gardenika fruit rolls. All proceeds go to the Kreative Education Center KEC, for the realization of programs for persons with developmental difficulties. More info: http://gardenika.rs/ andhttp://kecmnro.org.rs/gardenika/
3. Cookies for pets, from the Creative Educational Center KEC, which develops social entrepreneurship in order to create jobs; all proceeds go to humanitarian programs. More info: http://kecmnro.org.rs/socijalno-preduzetnistvo/
4. Friends of the socially responsible program “Slatko druženje” and Svaki dan uradi novo will make special cookies; buying these cookies you are contributing to the initiative Asovi za decu, which aims to buy necessary equipment for the regional fertility hospital in Užice. More info: http://fondacija.exitfest.org/node/308

– SELLERS with various products:
Loodo popcorn, sweet and savory, by Food For Fun Serbia – a great snack for a fun-filled day.
Campania Trattoria with real Italian food, made on the spot.
Our regular partner, SoSo Sweet with wonderful cupcakes, cake pops and other great sweets.
Bebin Svet with lovely and creative products for babies.
MilaVila with wonderful clothes for girls and boys.
Sovica with handmade dolls, cubes and other toys.
Confetti sljubavlju with various pinatas and party decorations.
Bb kolacici with yummy spring cookies.
The Hatted Fairy / Vila sa šeširom with magic wands, crowns and other fairy-tale accessories.

As usual, FVS – Foto Video Studio will make sure you go home with great family photos, photos of your kids playing happily, and a great video.

The Magic of May will be both inside, in Fabrika’s central event space, and outside, in the newly renovated garden, with lots of space to play 🙂

Information for interested sellers, partners, participants, guests:
063 1987 444
TICKETS: 200 rsd (for children and adults); payment: at the entrance, no need for advance reservation
50% od the ticket goes directly into the donation box for Magnet for Love, and with the ticket everyone gets a healthy and refreshing bottle of Saint John’s water.
All workshops and program are FREE and included in the price of the ticket.

You can see some of the previous carnevals and kids parties here:


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