[:en]THE SECOND PAGE OF ALL  29.11.2017. Sava Center

[:en]THE SECOND PAGE OF ALL  29.11.2017. Sava Center

The premiere of the documentary film THE SECOND PAGE OF ALL in the frame of the Film Festival Festival.

“If I really gained freedom, then this is the most unusual job I’ve ever done” – Srbijanka Turajlic
Fifteen years after the democratic revolution in Serbia, the look through the closed door lock in one apartment in Belgrade reveals the history of a family, the burning political past of a country, and the struggle and disappointment of a participant in the revolution.
Through intimate conversations with mothers and daughters, “The Other Side of All” examines the outcomes of political engagement in the era of nationalism, civil war and dictatorship. As the director asks for responses from his mother’s activist, the chronology of a family becomes a portrait of a society during political turmoil, and raises the question of whether the new generations continue and shape the struggle for the future of the country they live in.

Scenario, director and photography: Mila Turajlić; Producers: Carine Chichkowsky and Mila Turajlić

HBO Europe presents the DRIBBLING PICTURES production in co-production with SURVIVANCE in cooperation with ARTE-WDR, with the support of the FILM CENTER OF SERBIA, AIDE AUX CINEMA DU MONDE, EURIMAGES, DOHA FILM INSTITUTE

DURATION: 104 minutes | COUNTRY: Serbia, France, Qatar | 2017 | LANGUAGE: Serbian


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