[:en]TRIBE Fest 10 – 12.08.2018. Ćuprija

[:en]TRIBE Fest 10 – 12.08.2018. Ćuprija
Ćuprija, Srbija
10.Aug.2018 - 12.Aug.2018

Maps sold at gigstix.com and ddtickets.rs, as well as in all WinWin stores and promoters.

The new chief is in town!
TRIBE Fest 2018 – Cuprija, Serbia – 10.-12. August.

The festival of electronic music born from the youth camp, which this year has a fantastic lineup, in the reputation of the bigger festivals.

As a participant in the festival, you will have the opportunity to get a leather bracelet with the branding of the festival to access the location or choose a bigger package for the company, and we send you all this to your home address, spend 2 unforgettable nights, or 3 days, meet fantastic new people, discounts on a large number of places in the city and become part of the TRIBE story.

The sale of tickets goes through 3 stages and will last until June 30, 2018 at 23:59, when the closing points are closed, and the tickets are replaced with leather bracelets at the festival itself.

TRIBE – new head is in town!
New chief is in town.
Ticket sale on gigstix.com, ddtickets.rs and in all WinWin shops in Serbia.
TRIBE Fest 2018 – Cuprija, Serbia – 10th-11th-12th of August.
This is an electronic music festival derived from last year’s youth camp, with a fantastic major festival’s lineup.

If you want to become part of the TRIBE and spend the best 3 days of 2018. you will need TRIBE bracelet – leather entrance bracelet with festival branding. Come, meet new people, dance like nobody’s watching and have the time of your life!

Bracelets can be ordered and paid directly by PayPal account, using our official website – tribe.in.rs, also.

Ticket sale goes through 3 phases, until June 30th, 2018. – 23:59 Belgrade time. Tickets are swapped by leather bracelets at festival entrance.

TRIBE – new head is in town!


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