[:en]UNA SAGA SERBICA – Game of the Gods 05.05.2018.Sava Center

[:en]UNA SAGA SERBICA – Game of the Gods 05.05.2018.Sava Center

Ticket prices: 900, 1100, 1600 and 2200 dinars
Game of the Gods” – New dance spectacle of the Una Saga Serbica

Una Saga Serbica is a professional toy ensemble with a successful tradition of modern stage spectacle.
Through the game, music, costumes, scenography, and special effects, this troupe represents a new form of revival of the original Balkan folklore.
Since its first premiere in the Sava Center in 2013, young, professional players of the Una Saga Serbica team for years have been delighting the audience by connecting the game and an attractive visual experience, as well as ethno rhythms with modern notes.
The most recent spectacle of this ensemble will be premiered on May 5, 2018 in the Great Hall of the Sava Center at 20:00, and it will be called “The Game of the Gods”.
The movements of thirty dancers and soloists, Una Saga Serbica, will tell the love story involved in the prism of folk tradition, through the influence of various deities and mythical creatures that were once believed throughout the Balkans.
From the excellent music experts of our area to those who first met with her, the unanimous conclusion was that Una Saga Serbica revives the “magic of the Balkans”, providing the audience with a dance experience of the world rankings.

“The Game of Gods” is led by:
Soloists: Nataša Nenadić, Ivan Mileusnić;
Composers: Aleksandar Lokner, Goran Kovačić;
Choreographers: Ana Krstic, Svetozar Krstic;
Costume designer: Ivana Vasić;
Director: Boško Đorđević;


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