[:en]UZO, Fire in Cairo, Šavovina, Akami 05.04.2018.Mocvara

[:en]UZO, Fire in Cairo, Šavovina, Akami 05.04.2018.Mocvara
Trnjanski nasip bb, Zagreb

THURSDAY 05.04. • DOOR 20:00 • START 21:00 • UPDATE 25 KN

Vesela kornjača/Jolly turtle


Uho za Oko (Ljubljana)

UZO describes themselves as Anubiswave, Egyptian space punk, Pyramid rock. There is much to be heard about darkwave, psychedelic, industrial. The texts are in English and Slovenian and are very poetic. It seems to you that you go away in the mood of the alpine appetizers or go to the chat room with the human fish, and the time a small singer with his own barking license with a small head on his head, and tells you to slump in the rhythm of the socialist districts of Ljubljana. Bend continues a striking tradition of the Slovenian alternative term, which was banned by bands such as the Otroka of Socialism, Borghesie, Laibach, or Mark Brecel. The band is for the first time presented to the Croatian audience, so: you can see it! (Dams / Anja)!

Fire in Cairo (Zagreb)

Of course, you think of falling early in the Curea phase, but you’ve got a little faded. Fire in Cairo were not stuck in the ’70s or in the’ 80s. Although inspiring in that period, the FIC offers us a contemporary sound of rock’n’roll as experienced by today’s youngsters. Polished, somewhat dark, very skillfully outdated and very high production of a young Zagreb quarter. Because they are singing in English, will we say a lot of the used syntagm: the world and ours? See your head in the fading light!

Šavovina (Zagreb)

They have long hair, they are drugging! If you did not catch them on their Zagreb tour, here are some opportunities for that. Allow yourself to indulge you with your melodies and rhythms. They dance between ethnics, worlds, jazz, rock and metal with texts about the everyday life of this quill which we call life. What we have this time prepared for this interesting trio we do not know. Each concert is a special experience and is much different from the previous one. Make sure!

Akami (Ljubljana)

Japanese redness? A Camus? Anyway, this existentialist five with his songs represents a strangeness in which every teenager or student of philosophy can be found. Psychedelics in grunge, experimentality and noise are not strange to them either. Sint is a nice addition to bass and guitar playing, and drum gives a rhythm to everything. What would Camus say to that? Check in Močvara.

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