[:en]Valentine's Day in Sax with Trio Amaterapeuti!

[:en]Valentine's Day in Sax with Trio Amaterapeuti!
Maksimirska 88, Zagreb

Amaterapeuti– a vocal-instrumental trio that has been actively engaging in more than three years of carefully selected fewer and more popular domestic and foreign musical delicacies creates a positive atmosphere and brings in the lives of its listeners a plethora of peace and optimism. They feature simplicity of expression with a focus on vocal performance of the repertoire composed of songs of positive and / or nostalgic themes and / or sounds that create a relaxed and healing atmosphere. As a rule, only one member is permitted to use a non-human instrument, so that their audience has the opportunity to enjoy the playful relationship between musical accompaniment and capella performance.

This Valentine’s Day invites you to share the love of music with Amateurs, to spend it in a warm atmosphere and a positive atmosphere with your better half, dear ones and friends. And if you’re single for Valentine’s Day, come and have fun and nursing for two;)


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