[:en]VIS Limunada, Ljubičice, Bohemija // Kontakt konferencija 24.03.2018. Elektropionir

[:en]VIS Limunada, Ljubičice, Bohemija // Kontakt konferencija 24.03.2018. Elektropionir
Cetinjska 15, Beograd

The last day of the Contact Conference at Elektropionir is reserved for VIS Limunada, with the support of Ljubičica & Co. from Pancevo and Bohemia from Nis!

The entrance to Ljubicica and Bohemia is free,
The price of the ticket at the entrance for VIS Limunada – 400 din

It starts at 20 o’clock so try to get in time!

VIS Limunada fosters contemporary music inspired by the durable values ​​of the popular culture of the 1950s and 1960s, with a special emphasis on the specificity of the Yugoslav culture of that period. The backbone of the musical and stylistic concept of the VIS Limunada is an urban cosmopolitan youth culture, expressed in music by popcorn, rock’n’roll, beat and soul, immortalized by films such as La Dolce Vita (Italy, 1960) and Love and Fashion Yugoslavia, 1961).
VIS Limunada performs copyrighted works, copyrights as well as domestic and foreign tracks in Serbo-Croatian, English, Italian, Spanish, French and German. Using carefully selected, authentic musical instruments, as well as elegant costumes VIS Limunada combines the elegance of the Riviera and the Festival with an exciting rhythm of metropolises and youth entertainment.
Inspired by the trends of global technological, social and cultural progress, created during the period of the world revival of the sixth and seventh decades of the twentieth century, as well as its recurrences in the Yugoslav territory, VIS Limunada, without nostalgia but with great grief, strives to inspire modern audiences to positive, constructive attitude to today’s challenges.

Violet is an indie electropop duo from Pancevo. Authors and producers, Stevanovic / Stevanovic, for almost a decade represent an indispensable part of the regional alternative music scene. In close collaboration with a dozen top musicians, all over Europe, they perform a variety of concert experiments, from electro-stage spectacles to intimate acoustic performances.
The scenic debut of their music won the first prize in the competition of bands Tvoj Zvuk, and the following year they were announced as the most promising young band by Popboks magazine. Since then, they have released three albums, two EPs and four singles, with numerous collaborations with musicians around the world, and performed at almost all major festivals in the region.
In their new project, an unusual combination of modern and retro sound is built. Modern bits and guitars from the sixties, with a rich musical language that most often speak about everyday topics. The elements of the new wave, blouse and Tintinabuli are inserted into their electronic group.

This project will be premiered at Contact.
Bohemia is a five-member team from Nis. It started as a silent project of members of various bands, united and led by Jan Jacobs’s vision of some “progressive pop music”. The band met without planning any gigs, rehearsals. The songs came from pure love for music and from boredom, of course. “We inherited this gray world, it is up to us to slip it.” Sometimes humor and fading makes sense, when the purpose is the same enlightenment. Through the joke you can reach the greatest depths. Guided by that stoic philosophy, and horns on his head, he captured warriors and warrior Dinu Abu Mayyaleh (percussion) of Milan Migi Stoiljkovic (drums), Mihailo Ivanovic (bass) and Pavel Dinic (piano), to help him in the war of enlightenment.


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