[:en]WCF World Show 13-14. 01. 2018, Dom omladine

[:en]WCF World Show 13-14. 01. 2018, Dom omladine
Makedonska 22, Beograd
13.Jan.2018 - 14.Jan.2018

World Cat Federation World Show, Belgrade, January 13-14, 2018
Clubs: Le PETit RS, Hungarocats HU, Magnificats RO, Feline Greece GR
Judges: Dr Olga Sergeevna Mironova, Russian Federation; Yan Lavrentyev, Latvia; Jeļena Lavrentyeva, Latvia; Katerina Anyfandi, Greece; Svetlana Lalović, Serbia.
All information and cat entry: http://www.lepetit.rs/Mrnjau_Fest_eng.htm

Mrnjau Fest is open to visitors on Saturday and Sunday 13-14. January from 10-18h. The competition of cats is on both days. Programs for children are on Saturdays, 12-17h. Homemade pussy is on Sunday, 12-17h. The ticket is 300 dinars. For children of pre-school age the entrance is free.

Dear masterminds, welcome to the Youth Center at the traditional New Year festival dedicated to cats – Mrnjau Fest! Come to hate, get in, lick, if you need to flirt, then learn something, but first of all have fun!

During this festive festival, domestic and foreign kennels will be presented, which will expose their mace champions. Mace will compete for prestigious WCF awards, and fans will be able to get information about interesting races through presentations and directly from fanciers.

Cats and imaginations always went hand in hand, so the first day of the festival was marked by gathering with figures from the play “Cats from a high society”, as well as fun and colorful playgrounds.

During the second day of the festival, mature caregivers will be presented and they will offer healthy, well-groomed and well-educated mascots for homestay.

At Mrnja Fest you will be able to process your cat’s mildew with some delicious dessert, basket or toys. At lectures and in contact with veterinarians, nutritionists and nutritionists, you will learn everything about kittens – about care, nutrition, upbringing, myths and prejudices.

Cats lovers, welcome to Le PETit Mrnjau Fest! Come to socialize, you rejoice, you hate to be lazy and spend two days in a good company, the best – in the company of cats!


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