[:en]We are SIX / Florian Kupfer 24.02.2018. Drugstore

[:en]We are SIX / Florian Kupfer 24.02.2018. Drugstore
Bulevar Despota Stefana 115 Beograd

A gang of six started the story of Drugstore and Bivši six years ago. We’re celebrating with 6 locals and one special guest in two rooms.


Big Room:
Kristijan Molnar (Christallization)
Doo (Beyond House)
Flip (Idemo Na Mars)
Feloneezy (Mystic Stylez)

Black Room:
Florian Kupfer (LIES Records News, Berlin)
33.10.3402 (LIES Records News)
Stevie Whisper (YES)

Drugstore and its brother Bivši bar were opened in 2012. The closing of Bivši left hundreds of its regulars barless last year. We’re evoking that moment when you hanged from its ceiling with special guest Florian Kupfer, German producer who is visiting Drugstore for the second time. This season is marked as the big revival of the Black Room so we’ll be hearing Florian with 33.10.3402 and Stevie Whisper there and a diverse lineup comprised of crowd favorite Kristijan Molnar, Doo of Beyond House gang, Mystic Stylezezez Feloneezy and Flip of Idemo na Mars in the Big Room.

Florian Kupfer played in our club for the first time in September 2014. We wrote this in the event description three and a half years ago and except half a dozen dope releases on L.I.E.S, Willie Burns’ WT Records and more, not much has changed: “[…] Although a newcomer with his debut being released last year, Florian Kupfer’s sounds seem somewhat ancient and coming from that common place of wisdom buried deep inside all of us, something Ron Morelli loves to hoard within his L.I.E.S. label. […] Florian sang in a church choir for 6 years as a kid and took that spiritual experience to build up his own dance floor following in a very short time span. […] From House and Techno to Ambient, Florian Kupfer is offering much more than your usual 4/4 Saturday dinner…”

For the first time in Belgrade we’ll hear the sounds from Florian’s “Post Present” EP and “Florian Kupfer” LP which were released last year.

Bivši style!

TICKETS info to be announced


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