[:en]What the fuck are we doing here? 15.03.2018.Elektropionir

[:en]What the fuck are we doing here? 15.03.2018.Elektropionir
Cetinjska 15, Beograd

What the Fuck are we doing here?” Deals with the global phenomenon of “brain drain” and is based on the unmistakable fact that a large number of young and educated people decide each year on
leaving the country.

This Serbian production, not an English language, is actually a humorous cabaret based on the personal confessions of the author’s team, and opens the themes of the perspective and expectations of young people in Serbia today: emigration, xenophobia, identity and prejudice in Serbian society. The performance is socially engaged and at the same time fun, and it deals with a phenomenon that does not relate exclusively to Serbia, but also to the whole of Europe.

This is a rare opportunity to experience the demanding, exciting and talented Serbian theater in English, and it also enjoys a fun atmosphere. Get ready!

Director / Performer: Maja Maletković
Performer: Željko Maksimović
Performer / scene and costume: Dunja Sabljić
Performer / dramaturg: Katarina Jankovic
Composers: Danica Vujošević and Jovan Marić
Producer: Oleg Misirača


More information on ticket sales – soon!


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