[:en]Žujin Campus 31.01.2018 Vintage Industrial

[:en]Žujin Campus  31.01.2018 Vintage Industrial
Savska cesta 160, Zagreb

WEDNESDAY 31.1.2018. | Žujin Campus: DJ Chill + beer pong + drink games + promo prices + concert tickets @Vintage Industrial Bar | Start 20:00 I Entry: FREE

The Granny Benefit Program The ‘Žujin Kampus’ opens its doors on 31 January in the premises of Vintage Industrial, and all the students and those who feel it are invited to a preliminary presentation in Savska 160.

While DJ Chill will be in charge of music selection and burning of a dance floor, you will be able to enjoy games like beer pong and pricing and loyalty programs that will allow you to win discounts on ticket purchases. To make the whole story more interesting, the entrance fee is not charged. All you need is to come on Wednesday, January 31 at Savska 160 & let the games begin!

For easier participation, Žuja has developed an application that will make it easier and easier to participate in the first Žujina Kampus in the 2018 Program Series.


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