Fireplace Exhibition | 14 – 24/10/2019 Dorcol Platz

Fireplace Exhibition | 14 – 24/10/2019 Dorcol Platz
Dobračina 59b, Belgrade, Serbia
14.Oct.2019 - 25.Oct.2019
Come together to mark the opening of the first solo exhibition by author Milica Apostolovic, as well as her collection of works by Kubem Studio.
The hearth series of graphics primarily examines the intuitive, internal currents of an individual during the immediate exploration of a close environment. The hearth, as the central place of living space, symbolizes an intimate search for a sense of belonging and warmth, and the name of the exhibition itself emphasizes the ambivalence of man in the process of knowing his own identity. The fairy tale play with composition, forms and natural elements reminds us how much the power of nature can give us that feeling. Its role undeniably builds on freedom and breadth, but also the coolness and weight it carries with it. While the color clearly separates the actors from the exterior building elements that surround them, the use of fire / garage in the process of creating a work of art is here to soften and re-examine these boundaries. . Misty strokes mask the crampedness and redefine the observer’s initial reaction, while the fairy-tale reflections remind us of the importance of an individual search for one’s own hearth. And nature is a place we can peek into during this process.
Milica Apostolović (1988) completed her basic and master studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. In professional engagement, she participates in domestic and foreign projects in the field of architecture, textile design and illustration. He explores his experiential touch with new insights in the field of digital graphics. He is the founder of the Kubem Studio brand in which he promotes the transformative power of illustration in everyday life. Illustrated for more international brands.


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