Guy J & Guy Mantzur / 13.07.2019. Barutana

Guy J & Guy Mantzur / 13.07.2019. Barutana
Kalemegdan, Belgrade, Serbia
Leading DJs and producers of the Israeli electronic scene, Guy J and Guy Mantzur, famous for their unrepeatable progressive sound and musical talent, will perform on Saturday, July 13, under the sky of the Belgrade Fortress, in Barutana.
Limited Ticket Contingent can be obtained through Ticketvision and GIGS TIX sales networks at a promotion of 790 RSD per parter and 1190 RSD for VIP.
————————————————– ——————————— Inspired by the desire to be part of the Tel Aviv club scene that is rising, and famous for wild enthusiasm and unbridled atmosphere, Guy J began his career with only 14 years, and continues to follow the same principle and makes each tape the first. At the beginning of his career he was under psy-trance and the progressive influences of his homeland, and after a short the period accepted all genres of electronic music in order to give his production a full range of emotions that stimulate his creativity.
“I need to be honest with each other’s feelings every time,” says Guy J. “I am producing all the sub-genres of house music, and to that end, the audience who always gives something original and unique to the podium. My music also has elements of trance, but also the warm vibration of progressive and the energy of old techno sound. “On the way to becoming one of the main artists of this electronic generation, Guy J has a large number of editions on the eclectic list of well-known world record companies. Neglecting the boundaries led to his genre varied Lost


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