Honor Branko Markovic 25.12.2018. Combank hall

Honor Branko Markovic 25.12.2018. Combank hall
Trg Nikole Pašića, Belgrade, Serbia

The academic and artistic society of the University of Belgrade “Branko Krsmanovic” will organize a honor to the grand master Branko Markovic at the Kombank Hall on December 25, 2018, Maestro Branko Markovic is an unrivaled example of a robust, powerful, charming dancer full of energy and professionalism. At the same time he successfully worked as a choreographer of the classical ballet in many theaters in the country and abroad. In parallel with the play on the scene, Branko Marković is seeking confirmation of his artistic expression in our folklore and gaming tradition, convinced that as he himself said in one interview, “No folk in the world is rich in our wealth …”. Therefore, he devotes a large part of his artistic activity to the creation of Yugoslav art folklore, working in amateur societies. Their pioneering efforts and talent created numerous folk ensembles, some of which are genuine pearls, due to the quality of the folk dance they have all over the world. This work was dedicated to four decades, and the most creative period was spent together with him first of all by AKUD “Branko Krsmanovic”, and then AKUD “Spaniard”. For more than thirty years, the success of AKUD “Branko Krsmanovic” and Branko Markovic have been inextricably linked. The school of the game that Branko Markovic has achieved in our Society lives up to this day. AKUD “Toys” Branko Krsmanovic “continued to nurture his style of play, thanks to which they still achieve great successes everywhere in the country and abroad. Branko Markovic’s work has a lasting beauty and value that inspires our youth and lives in our culture. This, 2018, represents a unique jubilee, not only for the two aforementioned societies, but also for Serbian cultural heritage in general. Since 70 years since the beginning of our work in our Society and 101 years of the birth of this great giant of our toy scene, we will organize a Homage to present the whole of his opus and work. Beside our ensemble – Ensemble of folk games and songs, Folk Music Ensemble and Academic Choir “Obilic”, the symphony orchestra and actor Nebojsa Dugalic will appear on the scene. The price of the ticket is 300 and 500 dinars.


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