Trg Nikole Pašića, Belgrade, Serbia

MINI RETROSPECTIVE OF THE FILM OF THE DEJVIDA LINCH IN KOMBANK DVORANI To meet the concert of Twins Pixie’s star Christy Bel in Jazz cantina Lisbon, on Monday, April 01, just a day before the concert, the Mini Film Review of David Lynch will be held at the Kombank Hall. On the repertoire there will be three famous performances by this world-renowned director: Twins Pix, Fire Walk With Me; Wipe Head and Lost Road. Lynch fans and filmmakers will see these cult film achievements at a price of 200 dinars.

Eraserhead 1977 16:30

In a post-apocalyptic society, Henry works at the factory and has a girlfriend, Mary. When she becomes pregnant, she moves to his apartment and gives birth to a baby mutant who cries all the time. Mary can not bear screaming and leaves Henry …

Filmed with interruptions over a period of five years, in the radical debut of David Lynch, Jack Nens is played by Henry Spencer, a man who lives in a fake industrial desert. When he finds out that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant, Henry agrees to marry future Mary Mary and to begin living with her in her small and messy apartment. Their baby is born with a terrible mutation, as a strange creature resembling a reptile whose unbearable wailing does not end. Terrified and horrified, Mary quickly escaped, leaving Henry at the mercy of a seductress living in a neighboring apartment. An unbelievably nasty nightmare, a “shake glitch” of casual slow, surreal rhythm: Henry’s world is a sickening magic, a place where sins manifest themselves as bizarre creatures, and the worlds exist within the worlds. Interpreting a film in accordance with Lynch’s claims that this product is the product of his personal fears of paternity, the “Erasing Head” may be more easily warned at the narrative level, if necessary.

Twin Peaks: Fire, walk with me (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me) 1992 18:30

An introduction to the cult series “Twin Peaks”, directed by David Lynch, is followed by seven days leading to the brutal murder of Lore Palmer in a small town in the Northwest of the Pacific.

At the beginning of the film, we are following Agent DeMondo and his partner, Sam Stenly, in the investigation of the murder of Tereza Benkser in the small town of Dir Medo in the state of Washington. When Desmond finds a mysterious trail of murder, he unexplained disappears. The action of the movie is over a year and goes to the small town of Tvin Piks, where he follows events during the last week of life, Lora Palmer, an unfortunate teenager with two boys – a fiery rebel Bobbi Brigs and a withdrawn biker, James Harley – the story follows her addiction to drugs, (and perhaps schizophrenic) father Liland and the story of her brutal murder that will later inspire the TV series.

Lost Highway 1997 21:00

In this surreal thriller, a jealous jazz musician kills his wife. Or does she kill her? Nothing is the way it looks in this stunning labyrinth of personality change, strange passion, and constant tension from the cult director David Lynch. Fred is an avant-garde jazz saxophonist who shares a luxurious, but modern, empty house with his wife Rene. Fred suspects Rene may not be faithful to him, but he realizes that he has more problems when a bunch of video cassettes appear on the door that are evidence that someone is watching his house outside and inside. When Rene finds dead, Fred ends behind the bars, but Fred Fred is no longer in his cell one morning. He somehow transformed into Pete Dryton, a young car mechanic who was unwittingly confused with the gangster’s wife, Dick Loren. She’s a sexy blond named Alice and looks exactly like Rene …


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