New Year's Party Party 2019

New Year's Party Party 2019
Sarajevska, Belgrade, Serbia

6 stays

All inclusive

Cocktail Pastry

CONTACT: 060 / 650-7-650

Welcome to the 2019 New Year’s Semafor Party!

Just exactly 15 years ago, a small group of people full of positive energy, searching for good fun, quite accidentally found the formula for the best New Year’s Eve in the city:

These + 1500 young people + one of the colors of traffic lights + 6 great stays + lots of good vibrations = New Year’s traffic light!

The discovery of this incredible formula, as well as the effort to offer you something new every year and improve the quality of the organization of the welcome, have made this New Year’s spectacle a UNITY in a city that lasts 11 years and every year sells cards before the welcome!

More than 25,000 people (mostly students from Serbia and the surrounding area) have so far spent the craziest night with us!

If you are not among them, here is a brief description of the event, just to know what you are getting into. 🙂

If you are interested, see also a comprehensive description at, to make sure that we really do not have anything to do with the classic New Year’s classes on which you are accustomed!

So let’s start…





We all go to welcome to spend, socializing, joking, laughing and enjoying.

However, we know very well that one of the most attractive things on the greetings is the opportunity to get to know the person who will beautify the evening and which we will probably fall in love with a few days later. 🙂

The concept of a traffic light of a party party this process of getting to know (sometimes not at all simple) is very relaxing – every guest at the entrance chooses a bracelet in one of the colors of the traffic light that represents his / her mood for getting to know that evening:

GREEN – Come on!
YELLOW – Try it …
RED – Walk!
So, you look nice bracelet and you know exactly what your chances are. 🙂

Genius, is not it?




All of this might not be so interesting that, as explained above, buzzing, kissing, screaming and so on does not happen on 6 great stays:

Main Stage: The Biggest Stage! PIRANA band (pop, folk, fun) + 2DJ + champagne at midnight!

House Stage: DJ FELBI! Free energy drinks!

Karaoke Stage: “Idol Karaoke Superstars” and you as a newly discovered talent! Free whiskey for everyone!

Retro Stage: We’re rolling backwards with the hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s and lots of free tequila!

Kafana Stage: Café music, karabinas and top quality home-made brandy and wine for all the booms in your soul!

Silent Stage: World hit! Each visitor gets a headset with two types of music! Add this and free cocktails and a party can start!


semaphore steady





The logical question: “And where did you put all those strong stacks?”

Well, like this – the space is in the center of the city, in Sarajevo street (next to the club “Teatro”) and there is TRI LEVELS on which the mentioned stays are located.

It is a very well-arranged space that during the year also functions as a club (you can look at the space every day and see for yourself).


semaphore space


Drink / Food


As for drinks, we have a principle that is popularly called “the inclusion of all DOMAINS and FITNESSES,” and we call it “drink while your legs are worn and then carry you.” 🙂

As for food, there are various cocktails of pastries (no, there is no baking; this is not a wedding for a new year :-)). So you go!

The price

The ticket for the New Year’s Semaphore is of invaluable value 🙂 But if we just have to put it in some cash box, then it’s 30 €.

Here it is important to note that you can get a ticket even at a lower price if you join a humanitarian campaign organized this year in cooperation with the “24 hours” list.

Namely, if you bring any sweets or children’s toys, you will receive a ticket for the price of 15-25 €, depending on when you book them (more details at



Contact / Booking


Well, that would be …

If you like the idea, now do not get rid of something, call us or come back to us and book your place! 🙂

And do not wait for the last time that you do not happen to welcome the new year where you least wanted (Maps for Semaphore are EVERY way to sell now before the new year).

Given that we have been there for 15 years, we should probably not explain that this is not a marketing trick 🙂

Our phones are 060 / 650-7-650 and 065 / 650-7-650, and at the club we are daily from 14h to 21h.

See you at the party!

Your Semaphore team


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