OLAFUR ARNALDS 20.11.2019. Sava Centar

OLAFUR ARNALDS 20.11.2019. Sava Centar
Sava Centar, Milentija Popovića, Belgrade, Serbia

Category Concert ProgramDate 20 November 2019 20: 30Venue Grand HallPhone 220-60-60 Ticket Price: 2200, 3200, 3700, 4200 dinarsThis Wednesday, November 20, concert at the Sava Center will be held by maestral Icelandic musician Olafur Arnalds and to promote one of the best albums XXI century “Re: member”. In recent years, the 33-year-old pianist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Olafur Arnalds has been constantly discovering himself and the music that inspires and provokes him. Muse has taken him to completely different sides: from the role of drummer in the hardcore band and playing Chopin with Alice Sarah Ot, through collaboration with numerous local (Icelandic) artists as part of the Mercury Classics project (Island Songs) and composing music for the cult TV series ” Broadcurch, ”to a collaboration with Janus Rasmussen on their vision of electronic / techno / club music through Kiasmos. Along the way he made music for both ballet and film. He stored all these experiences, technically advanced, expanding the circle of artists who inspire him, and getting ready to finally emerge from the bush. Arnalds, on “Re: member”, which is officially his fourth (solo) studio album, let all these raw experiences of playing different genres intertwine and combine without filtering, and at the same time he entered the core of the creative process in which the artist during creation, it completely emerges from a vicious circle of other people’s and its own expectations and habits. If you imagine a group of musicians for a moment, a few key names for 20th century popular music – such as Jean Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd, Erik Sati and Aphex Twin – are sitting together to create the music that the next space probe will carry to the first planet discovered with intelligent life forms, what they would make could very easily resemble what Olafur Arnalds creates. For us laymen it would be a patchwork of classical music and ambience, rock and roll sensibilities and do-it-yourself resourcefulness, vintage and modern instruments and a range of units and zeros, warmth and alienation, wonder and melancholy, artificial intelligence and the simplest in man. When you listen to the “Re: member” the conclusion is very easy: Olafur Arnalds is from another planet, there is no dilemma.

“Re: member” is a spell that helps us to be complete, to feel every part of our body and every thought. It is the hope and joy we can find in each other when we finally connect or when we finally have something to share. ”

In the collision of technology with inspiration, improvisation with training, the planet Iceland with the remnants of planet Earth, here somewhere, one must ask himself the question: what exactly am I doing here? We seek answers or not. Some of us know how to simulate the question, while others are so exhausted in their quest to simply forget what the issue was. Olafur Arnalds is someone who answers the question of who we are and what we represent by looking for all of us. His album “Re: member” is a work of pure Renaissance love shaped by the application of 21st century technology and a genuine desire to come to an answer. The world suddenly left the unique Johan Johanson last year, but for that subtle part of emotions that only music can evoke and bring to the fore, there are still alchemists Nils Frahm, Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds and others still discovering themselves and the importance that music has in this time of alienation and superficiality. Olafur Arnalds’ concert is not “just” the music event of the year in Serbia, this is the moment in space and time that can inspire various great things of a generation of people who are not yet sure of their talent and their feelings. This concert is being listened to with an open heart. The organizer of the concert, Charm Music, especially wants to enable young people to attend this cultural event, so that those under 22 years of age will be able to buy tickets from the 2nd category (regular price: 3700 dinars) with 25% discount, or at the price of 2770 dinars. These tickets are valid only with ID. Tickets for the event will be available Friday, July 26 at the Sava Center box office, as well as at all Ticket Vision outlets and online at www.tickets.rs.


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