PARTY at Four | Boža Podunavac 11.11.2017. KPTM

PARTY at Four | Boža Podunavac 11.11.2017. KPTM
Žorža Klemansoa 22, KPTM

PARTY at Four | Boža Podunavac 11.11.2017. KPTM, Saturday at 04 am – 09am after the Couple up

Boža started his DJ career in 1986, working in Belgrade’s disco clubs like: Klub 54, Masinac, Amadeus, Luv, Nana, ZOO…

In 1990, when he was already working as a sound engineer and music editor for radio B-92, he started organizing parties at Dom Omladine which were at the time known as Fusion. The music was of classically club character. In 1993, he collaborated with the the rest of the B92 music editorial team, on a series of parties called Jam. This was at the time when musical recycling was gaining force and this was reflected in those Thursday night parties held at Dancing hall of Dom Omladine.

During the winter of 1992-1993, after a 3 year music collaboration with Velja Mijanovic (Inn Vision, Jazzva), Boža started a new series of Tuesday night parties in a derelict building in Dorćol, the then home of the Big R’N’R Party, 50 meters from the current cinema REX. The parties quickly gained a strong following as people looked for alternative types of clubs. In 1994, Velja&Boža, injected a dose of underground culture into what was at the time the shrine of disco music, the club Industry. Their efforts marked a turning point in the type of music that was played at the club.

As part of the project Kozmik, Boža was organizing performances by numerous foreign DJs across Belgrade and Serbia.

He played together with the following famous international DJs:

Warlock, Billy Nasty, Trevor Rockcliffe, Colin Faver, Slam, DJ Hell, DJ Misjah, John Aquaviva, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, Derick May, Armand Van Helden, Laurent Garnier, Dave Angel, The Advent, Green Velvet, Tony Thomas, Joey Beltram, Chris Liebing, Umek, Luke Slater, Christian Smith, Derrick Carter, Charles Siegling, Oscar Mulero, Kevin Saunderson, Nathan Coles, Gaetano Parisio, Marco Carola, Deetron, etc.

Boža played almost all the clubs and spaces in Belgrade some of which are: Industria, Soul Food, Andergraund, Dom Omladine, Barutana, Mondo, Shlep, Omen, XL, Magna House, Kolos, No Name, 4 Sobe, Sound, Bizarre, Kuća, Exil, Gajba, Energija, Plastik, Wash, Tube, KC Grad, Mint, 20/44, Lebowski, Dot, Svemirska kafana, Drugstor, and many other. He also played in clubs across Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, England, Romania, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, etc.

One of Belgrade’s oldest DJ, with massive experience.


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