Progressive Birthday Party Tear 06.12.2019. DOT

Progressive Birthday Party Tear 06.12.2019. DOT
Dot, Francuska, Belgrade, Serbia
Progressive Birthday Party Tear
Alexander MarkovicLukai b2b Igor D.Acim b2b Milos MiladinovicJelly For The Babies

“For us, progressive music is a special view of life, a path that leads us to new worlds, no matter where we are at that moment. This is where our most beautiful and sad moments are hidden, a corner where we all want to enjoy ourselves together with something that has become our daily routine, ”said the Progressive Tears team, which has been attracting the attention of deep, emotional sound for the past few months.

The desire of Progressive Tears is to capture the listener’s imagination through musical selection, and thus to show the uniqueness of his story, in which music is experienced in a slightly different, deeper way. What has become intense socializing has suddenly erupted and turned into a movement to support friends who want to perform in an intimate atmosphere and re-experience the warmth of small clubs. “This is how we try to push small room events for real sound connoisseurs, with the support of all our friends who have recognized our energy.”


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