Restaurant Casa Bianca – New Year 2019

Restaurant Casa Bianca – New Year 2019
Zemunski Kej, Belgrade, Serbia

Saša Katančić & Magic Bend


Gala dinner

From 40 €

CONTACT: 060 / 434-66-44

Wait for the New Year in the beautiful and cozy ambience of Casa Bianca Restaurant on the Danube. Whether you live here or are visiting Belgrade, Casa Bianca restaurant is the right choice for the New Year’s Eve of the 2019 Dream!

Casa Bianca has for many years been a distinguished name in the hospitality world and a place where you can spend the most beautiful moments, celebrate important dates or simply come to a business lunch, as well as for every other occasion! The quality of which does not deviate makes us satisfied guests always return!

At the New Year’s spectacle at Casa Bianca Restaurant you will enjoy a carefully selected and high-quality selection of food and a rich all-inclusive package of foreign and domestic drinks, famous brands such as Johnie Walker, Ballantines, Smirnoff, Jegermeister, Martini, Heineken, Radovanovic Wine, Oplenac brandy and more and all at a price of 40 eur! Our offer is surely the best price-quality ratio in Belgrade, because it’s not our goal to get rich from the new year but to get as many people as possible to see what we offer and how we work and return to us again, that’s why we exist for so long!

The experienced catering team has never failed to give away any guest, and so will it be on the wilderness of the night when we will be ready to fulfill all your wishes.



MUSIC Restaurant Casa Bianca:

Saša Katančić & Magic Bend

The entertainment business was left to the craftsmen of our craft. The experienced band musician SASHA KATANČIĆ & MAGIC BEND will introduce you to the darkest night with a mild dose of pop and rock hits, mostly ex-yu orientations along the side of the evergreen, and as the handset moves, we go faster and faster with the best and best hits of fun and folk music – We promise the crazy lunch that night on the Casa Bianca Raft.



PIZE Restaurant Casa Bianca:

Drinks unlimited:

– Whiskey: Johhny Walker & Ballantines

– Vodka “Smirnoff”

– Jegermeister

– Martini

– Campary

– Pelinkovac “Gorki list”

– Wine (white, red, rose) – “Radovanovic”; “Oplenac”

– Domestic brandy “Oplenac” (quince, apricot, sage, raspberry)

– Beer: Heineken

– Vermouth

– Vinjak “Rubin”


– Carbonated and non-carbonated juices

– Carbonated and non-carbonated water



FOOD Restaurant Casa Bianca:

SERVICE -Set me, the guests will be served at the table!


– Prosciutto (pork, beef, hedgehog)

– Kulen

– Cheese

– Proya

– Pies

– Olives

– Russian salad

Main course:

– Cuddles

– Smoked sausage

– Rolled chicken breast

– Smoked pork

– Attachment: Bakery potatoes


– Seasonal mixed!


– Cherry pie.



PRICE Restaurant Casa Bianca:

From 40 € to 50 €

Price exclusively and depends on the position of the table in the hall, all our guests will have the same treatment and the same menu of food and drinks, and all our tables are good and beautiful, we do not have standing, hanging, high and similar, all the tables are just a banquet elegant option.

Every day you can come with a previous announcement to look at the restaurant and choose the perfect place for yourself and your friends.

Possible payments from abroad!



Information and reservations

CONTACT TELEPHONE: 060 / 434-66-44


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