Vanja Zelenski & Ivana Stanic 2019 Restaurant Milosev konak

Vanja Zelenski & Ivana Stanic 2019 Restaurant Milosev konak
Topciderska, Belgrade, Serbia

Vanja Zelenski & Ivana Stanic


Rich dinner

From 40 €

CONTACT: 060 / 434-66-22

Restaurant “Milošev konak” was built in 1834 in the oldest, Topčiderski park, and as a restaurant dates back to the second World War. The building has a historical significance and is located in an ambient protected area, because it used to serve for the personal needs of Miloš Obrenović and in the last decades this restaurant was visited by the most eminent foreign and domestic personalities.

Today the “Milošev Konak” restaurant provides a superior service with a rich selection of national dishes and international cuisine with a rich selection of local and foreign drinks, both domestic and foreign guests.

The location and the name of the restaurant have become an important point-and-click direction and location in Belgrade, drawn into the thick shade of centuries-old trees, the restaurant also offers all the guests a large free parking under 24-hour surveillance.

MILOSEVA ROOM – is a charming, lovely place located on the first floor of the restaurant and it was created for those who like less Dočeke and a more intimate atmosphere. Along with a rich menu of rich dinners and all-inclusive drink packages, we invite you to host MILOSE ROOMS at the same price with the music repertoire of folk and ensemble, virtuoso Ivan Blagojevic !!

Free internet will serve you greatly on New Year’s Eve when all networks are loaded.

Come to a new one in 2019, step into the ambience as if you are at the court, with the excellent service of our always friendly hosts, with a good music program, with our loved ones we are going to new victories!

We have different types and sizes of tables so our managers will be able to meet you the most, come visit us (with prior announcement) and choose the ideal place for your craziest night!

MUSIC Restoran Milošev Konak:

With the sounds of the biggest hits of local music, you have to come back and enjoy yourself as some good old times. For the atmosphere and memorable memory, no one else will be taken to the masters of a trampoline:

VANJA ZELENSKI, IVANA STANIĆ & LUMPERAJ BEND whose performances you can often see on TV screens, so come and relax with the sounds of proven good music!

DRINKS Restaurant Milošev Konak:

During the New Year’s Eve, guests will be able to enjoy unlimited drinks menu:

– Pelinkovac

– Martini

– Campary

– Vodka

– Vinjak

– Dunever

– The Kajis Fighter

– Sljivovica

– Viljamovka

– Lozovača

– Red wine Vranac on July 13, Kratosija Tikveš

– White wine Krstac – July 13th, Smederevka Tikveš

– Rose Rubin

– Beer: Jelen and Niksic

– Juices (Coca-Cola, Fanta, apple, peach, pomoržža)

– Coffee (local, non-coffee, espresso coffee)

– Mineral water (carbonated and non-carbonated)

FOOD Restaurant Milošev Konak:

Rich dinner, a food menu at New Year’s Eve – unlimited consumption:

Milošev Konak snack

beef ham, pork ham, kulen, honey, proja, cheese pie, cheese, cheese, Russian salad, stuffed pepper …

Sleeping appetizer

Risotto with vegetables

Main course

– Rolled veal with cream sauce and Milos potatoes

– Rolled turkey in a dry plum sauce

– Stuffed chicken breast with grilled vegetables

Main (fasting) dish

– Smoked trout with Dalmatian wort (shrimp)

– File list in milling mode

– Potato salad

Various pastries / bread


– Vitamin salad

– Winter salad

– Serbian traditional salad


– Pie with cherries and ice cream

– Homemade cremette with wild fruit sauce


– Cherry pie

– baklava

The menu will be served by the “plate service” system, each guest will have his plate.

PRICE Restaurant Milošev Konak:

40 and 50 EUR

The price includes a rich dinner and an all inclusive drink package, according to the above specification, and a seating place for banquet with a solemn table. All seats are seating and restaurant. We have different types and sizes of tables from two to twenty and so our managers will be able to meet you the most.

The difference in price is near the stage and the dance floor.



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