LadieS goes Tango 05.10.2017, Kolarac, Beograd

LadieS goes Tango 05.10.2017, Kolarac, Beograd
Studentski trg 5, Kolarčeva zadužbina

LadieSaxophone Quartet & Quatro por Tango

Music of Astor Piazzolla arranged by the Argentinian composer Fernando Muslera for saxophone quartet, bandoneon, violin, piano and double bass.

• Café 1930 for saxophone quartet (trans. C. Voirpy)
• Chin Chin
• Milonga del Ángel
• Vayamos al Diablo
• Contrabajíssimo
• Fugata
• Invierno Porteño
• Primavera Portena

They say that the voice of Argentina speaks through the sound of tango. However, is not the music, the first tones of which were played by the immigrants, in fact stateless? Is not love its only passport? The love of music, movement, dance, expression, narrative … The love that resides everywhere. And it is the universality of the tango that represents the common thread that LSQ with its own multiculturalism identifies and connects with.

The “LadieS goes Tango” program is performed in a unique style, with the musicians of the Quatro por Tango ensemble. The arrangements for saxophone quartet, bandoneon, piano, violin and double bass are arranged by the Argentinian composer Fernando Muslera. With his arrangement, the songs of the legendary Astor Piazzolla are revived in a new guise.

LSQ performs “LadieS goes Tango” program, arranged by Fernando Muslera, also in the solo edition and completes it with other select, tango-style compositions.

The premiere performance of the program attracted a lot of attention and gained favor with the audience and the critics:

“… with an abundance of temperament, but also with soft emergence into the lyrical moments of music pieces, the ensemble delivered extremely convincing and charming interpretations that called for enthusiastic applauses, time and time again.“ (Tomaž Gržeta, Glasna)

With the rich temperament and individual charisma of each of their members, LSQ has been conquering the hearts of the wider audience

So far the “LadieS goes Tango” program was presented at:

– LadieS Night concert at the City Musem of Ljubljana with the Quatro por Tango ensemble, premiere performance, June 2016
– Summer Festival at NUK (Summer in the Library) with the Quatro por Tango ensemble, July 2016
– International saxophone festival AS in Bled with the Bitango ensemble, January 2017
– Wolf concert cycle in Slovenj Gradec, LadieS goes Tango solo, February 2017
– International saxophone festival Belgrade SAXperience (Serbia) with the Quatro por Tango ensemble, October 2017


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