RAW w. Ras Moray Fyah – Kenya, Ghetto Roots 28.10.2017. Pločnik

RAW w. Ras Moray Fyah – Kenya, Ghetto Roots 28.10.2017. Pločnik
Međimurska 21, Zagreb

RAW Rasta Altitude Weekend with RAS MORAY FYAH (Kenya), Ghetto Roots, High Grade Commanda and Rasta Altitude Sound!
Celebrating Rasta culture 28.10.2017. at Pločnik, inna di irie vibez…
Free entry! 🙂

Sponsored by Yerba Mala Headshop (Sarajevo). Big up family!!
Link: https://www.facebook.com/yerbamalashop/

Event by Heshteg.
One love! ♥

RAS MORAY FYAH is a Kenyan mystic born simple artist, who have vision in his music and great determined with his works he does, being social kind and helping worked and working with defferent productions. Ras Moray-Fyah’s music most talks of life, struggle, freedom, revolution, inspiration, motivation, liberation, realization, much listening, educating, feelings of creation, who sees himself a real African freedom fighter warrior. Ras Moray has grown in hard situations and struggles in life born from up country sides of Mt Kenya region, until age of seven when Ras Moray moved to Town called Nyeri living in a ghetto with his single mother. Ras Moray at age of ten decided to run out of ghetto struggles facing him and left her mother, to Nairobi City trying to look for better life, moving from town to town but always Nairobi was the final destinition. Ras Moray loved reggae music much since he refused school education at age of ten and loved to study and learn alot which best education he saw was from reggae music. Liked to listen to roots and culture music loved listen to Peter Tosh music and talking, Bob Marley music Jacob Miller Joseph Hills Culture Lucky Dube and Roots , as in reggae music to Ras Moray since started anttending dancehalls nights, have been taking it as school always serious when in a dancehall listening the message and liked positive and educative dancehall roots music with a message. Growing without school education dint make Moray feel anything as he lived on doing every kind of hand hard works and he loved to survive learning living on metal work plumbing electrician, lastly worked in Provincial General Hospital Mentainance department working for two years, Ras Moray quited work. Since Ras Moray left work of the system he never turn back to kind of work he does before strait he started with art making and selling of Rasta products by creating a Rasta shop in the City a shop which later bacame a Rasta meeting point mostly being artists, and lastly Ras Moray founded an association forum for artists and helping of poor. Ras Moray born from a christian family, after he enter in ghetto changed to muslim and later changed to budhism, who after longtime listen to reggae music every weekends going to reggae nights, Rastafari overcomed his soul and there he sticked to Rastafari. Ras became more deep in Rasta going deeply in to Rastafari teachings, started to become like a preacher going around places teaching of life as people were interested much to listen to Ras Moray teachings, and until this day Ras Moray started associating himself with reggae djs and Mcs who will welcome him on the mic to give a message to people. In early 2000 Ras Moray started to play in a club as a dj and mc and being called for shows around these times moving free style before compiling his music until early 2003 Moray started writting his lyrics one by one. In 2005 Ras Moray released a demo single ‘JUDGEMENT’ in Kenya. The song Judgement gave Ras Moray moral after his tune plaid in National radio Metro FM reggae station and and in clubs, from there Ras Moray started to be recognized. Ras Moray started becoming famous in the country nick named Fyah Warrior mostly in world of Rasta. In 2007 Ras Moray extended his music career to abroad Italy touching France, coming across many and big artists sound systems added him more experience, made him after one year to return to Kenya in his normally recording Be Aware Studio&Production recorded an Album ‘Repatriation is a Must’ featuring Moray hit songs Repatriation A Must,Judgement, Rastaman a General and Jah Seed. 2009 MoRay returned again to Italy plaid his first live serious show with Roots Faya Band and from there started playing with many and different sound systems. With his music General and Fire We Bring, these tracks people loved first and made Ras Moray to play in many places parts of Italy to Croatia and apearred many big reggae splash stepped on stage will artists like Aaron Silk, Anthony B, Likle Mystic Dub Judah and more. Ras Moray music is life and life is to experience search and research, Ras Moray has have been on experience time of music now feeling himself grown enough to give world his message through Reggae music word sound and power. Ras Moray in his earnings he spends high percentage in helping of youth projects and this positive link makes his music keep growing and being social with people. 2015 Ras MoRay have come up with his FIRST international single release ‘REGGAE MUSIC’. Released by ZiggyBlacks Production MANLES MUSIC Lebel, music featuring in promotion of the coming Ras Moray tour Africa with new single Tour Africa. Music explains about of reggae music listened words come to pass, rise and awakening, spiritual divine line, our roots and culture, is the feeling, what for , from where, revolution music can’t stop, was, now and forever shall be. The music is message and message is music* Ras Moray now is working for the next Album coming out soon called ‘OUT OF CITY’ featuring great tracks We the Youth, Lovely Empress, Jah Love and great Run Come out of City, Music by and produced by I NEUROLOGICI & REAL ROCK HI FI Record Label.
Thanks to people who made this work be done,
Ziggy Blacks Productions(Int.)
Moa Anbessa Studio(Italy),
Soul Music&Culture Riot Studio(Venice Italy)
Strato Dischi Notlabel, Autoproduction(Rome)
Wadada Heart Art Foundation.


GHETTO ROOTS is cultural educational arts & musical program founded in 2015 by two Croatian Selectors Ras Sale I (YARDSTEP) & Leona Lioness (GIRLSLOVEDUB). United by same energy n spiritual connection we decided to start our own project called GHETTO ROOTS! It combines different musical styles reggae/dancehall/roots/dub/ska/hiphop/grime/ragga & many more, followed by live MC act, drummers & dancers. Powered & supported by Zion Radio Show & Zion Radio Sound, RoolTroll, Oddvod Collective, Reggae.hr portal, BGF, King Shango Sound & many More.


HIGH GRADE COMMANDA In 2013., when few friends were joined by mother nature, decided to unite their promotion and selection skills for music, DJ-ing and organization of parties, emerged High Grade Commanda sound.
High Grade Command selectors emit positive vibrations, predominantly deep (DUB) bass,
steppers rhythms, jungle cries, digital dub signals.
Massive respect and thanks to our dear friends for their cooperation and get-togethers: CupusKactus, Digitron Soundsystem, Dub Eye sound, Hypnodelix, Homegrown sound, Irie Garden, Irie Vibes, Kingston sound, Low frequency, Trip to Zion, Lost theory, Reggae.hr, Seasplash crew, Shanti D, Warrior Charge Soundsystem, Indica Dubs, Botza Soundsystem, Subzulu Dub, Munchies Sound System..


RASTA ALTITUDE SOUND Young reggae/dub/dancehall/roots/steppers colective who is promoting Rasta culture, unity and love. For this event Keso is going to represent R.A.S. – Keso played at Rasta Altitude #1, Reggae utorak u Mastersu, Reggae na Levanu, Gotiva fest 2017. (w. HGC), Ram Jam Session. Big up to our friends for rocking together and helping: Saso Mange Soundsystem, PulaP Reggae Station, Arboretum Kolektiv, Exotic Times, Ghetto Roots, High Grade Commanda, Ras Moray Fyah, Irie Garden, Ziggi Rolling Papers, Yerba Mala Headshop!! One love!



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